Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Week, another 2.1 OTA rumor... or is it?

So another week as past us and nothing new in the DROID 2.1 OTA world, or so I thought. As I do everyday, I new google DROID 2.1 to see if anything new comes up. 18 out of 21 times nothing new was mentioned. Today, however... there are promising reports that 2.1 was released. Again, this release was to 1,000 people at 12:00 pm (Eastern), then 9,000 more users 11:59 tonight (Eastern) and then batches of 200,000 are reported to follow each day until all users are updated.

I say this is promising because there was not pre-release news as there has been in the past. Typically, you would heard something the day before the supposed release date. I saw nothing yesterday. Also, Verizon's DROID support page, shows a new release being issued named ESE81.

I will not believe it until I have my DROID updated to 2.1 because after all... April fools day is just around the corner

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