Friday, April 2, 2010

2.1 is live on my phone... officially

The Easter Bunny came early last night and dropped off my Android 2.1 System Update for my DROID. This is the official release sent out by Verizon and anyone else that is involved. Now that I have it, its like a whole new world of apps opened update, since Android only shows apps available to your OS version.

There is one app out there called HelixLauncher. There are two versions of this app. (on for 2.01 and one for 2.1 only). I have tried both. What they do is changes your default home (application). I was not a fan of neither as they both "crashed" constantly. What is cool about HelixLauncher is that it allows you to have more then 3 home screens. The 2.1 version of HelixLauncher really only works for Nexus One and not the Droid, and this is a well documented fact, do I can not rant about it not working on Droid. I used at my own risk.

Anywho, since I just got the update this morning, I will take some time to poke around and be back with more.

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