Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playing time is over... Time to develop

So I have had the DROID of over a month and I am still amazed by it. Especially now that I have 2.1 with Live Wallpapers and Speech-to-Text (which could be better, or maybe I just need to speak more clearer, i dunno). Either way, It is now time to start creating apps for Android.

What do I want to create? I have no clue
Do I know how to develop apps? Not really, my development background is C# but since you can write Android apps in Java, I think the transition would be smooth, I just need to understand the API's and SDK. I started to look at the examples provided at So far, I'M Hooked.

So I will keep you posted with my progress as I attempt to make some useful tools for the Android world.

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