Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another day... Another successfull coupon applied

My wife, 2-year old son and I went out to eat at a nice little Italian place not to far from us located in a shopping center. Along with the Home Depot, Target and Walmart, there is also a Borders. That's right, a Target and a Walmart, with in a football field length of each other. AHHHHHH.... Any way, after we had dinner, we went to Borders. While my son was running around the store and my wife chased him, I told her I would be by the computer section. I was looking for a Java book. Java as in the programming language, not the drink, nor the Indonesian Island. I am not new to development (c#, VB.Net is my background), so I wanted to look for a book that was good enough for a beginner but not too beginnerish. I found Java in Easy Steps. It was only $14.99. I quickly pulled out the DROID and did a picture scan of it to get some reviews. The scan was successful, but no reviews found... Book goes back on shelf. I then found Java in 24 hours. Again, out comes the DROID, use the Shopper app to scan the cover (you can not scan the barcodes at Border since they place a sticker over it for their own code). The scan was successful and reviews were great. I look at the price, $34.99. Its a price I was not overly joyed about so I search the Droid Coupons app and WOO-WHOO "Save 33% off any one item at Borders". The phone went back on the hip and the book curled up in my arm. I then went to look for my wife and son. I walked up to the counter with my Borders card, Gift Card from Christmas and my phone with the coupon displayed. The cashier said, I see you have the coupon, I will apply it. 33% came right off the $34.99 sale price. A savings of $11.55. WOW. That is something to write home about.

Well this day-and-age "home" is a blog.

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