Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No 2.1 as of today... but got confirmation from Motorola that DROID WILL get 2.1

Well by the looks of the date of my last post and this one, 2.1 did not get released to me. I say that because there are rumors that it was released to some testers (reports even indicate that the testers where VerizonWirelss Employee's and that the update bricked almost 75% of the phones).

Some new reports say that a new batch of testing will be released today sometime and if that goes well, then the update will roll out in batches of 200,000 a day.

I "chatted" with Motorola today about update as in "what is exactly going on".  Here is the transcript of my "chat".  The name of the rep I spoke to has been removed.
MOTO: Hi, my name is MOTO: How may I help you?

me: Hi MOTO, I have the droid on VZW and I want a staight answer. IS android 2.1 ever going to be released for my phone? I hear an update is coming but I want it from one of the sources. Thanks

MOTO: Let me help you with this

MOTO: On March 18th, there was a test release for a small number of Droid customers. But we do not have a exact date of timeframe on when the full launch will be made. It is coming soon.

me: ok why does the overseas (non-us) market have the update to is users and US doesn't. Isnt it the same hardware/update

MOTO: The Milestone is the equivalent for the Droid in the U.S. But the Milestone is a GSM technology phone, not CDMA. So it will not be the exact same update.

me: ok what update is coming out today?

MOTO: Today?

me: I have read reports that VZW is trying the update again since the one on 3.18 did not go as planned. See this is why i come to you guys. What is the story exactly with a 2.1 update for US droid. Will there be a 2.1 ever (near future) for droid or should I stop giving up hope?

MOTO: Yes, there will be a 2.1 update, that is for sure.

me: is that the only word on it, no time frame? I keep hearing Q1 2010, is that still plausable?

me: also who is incontrol of the udpate google, hp,MOTOrola or verizon?

MOTO: Actually, Google, Verizon andMOTOrola. But the update will be sent through there Google server.

me: ok so is q1 still possible for all droid users?

MOTO: That is the original idea. We hope we can accomplish it.

me: can I ask what the issues are that you are running into?

MOTO: I do not have the details, but I do know that basically whatMOTOrola is trying to do is to push an update that will solve the issues that customers were having so far with the Droid, and not to bring them more troubles. So it is a really important update and it has to be done right since the very beginning. They do not want anything to fail, so that is basically why it is taking more time.

me: I understand that, I would rather a fully baked brownie, then a half baked one to just have a brownie. :-) is that update to solve the issues you are trying to correct include android 2.1 or is that another update?

MOTO: No, that is not another update. The 2.1 is the one to solve those issues.

me: ok so just to clarify. the only update on the droid that is expected to be released is Android 2.1. Hopefully soon, but no timeframe. Are the problems causing the delay OTA related or VZW Network related. What I am getting at, is can the update just be downloaded by users and then applied manually.

MOTO: No, the delay is not related to the Verizon network. And no, you can not download it and then apply it manually whenever you want. It will be pushed and you will be requested if you want to apply it now or if you want to postpone it.

me: OK Great. Thank you very much for your time. Its been very helpful.

MOTO: You are welcome

MOTO: Do you have any other question?

me: Actually, can you confirm or deny any DROID (Android 2.1) updates being sent for testing (to select users) this week?

MOTO: No, actually not. It was sent on March 18th, but I do not have a confirmation that this week the same thing will be done.

me: ok great thanks again, have a great week

So based on this, I should see something soon, but nothing definite. Just like all the reports we have been reading but at least this is from one of the sources.

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