Wednesday, March 3, 2010

worth the wait.

Yesterday my DROID arrived along with my car mount, car charger and desktop cradle. Immediately after activation I knew this phone was going to be great. The touchscreen is extremely responsive, the controls are easy, the scrolling is smooth. Everything about this device is incredible. There are some caveats to the phone that I'm sure will not last. For example, I was able to sync some of my Google contacts with my Facebook friends, but not all of them because their names are slightly different. I need to figure out how to link the two together. Also, the scrolling in the web browser is not as slick on that of my iPod Touch. I did not notice this until my fellow iPhone users pointed it out. I should say that some of them were a bit jealous of the DROID. Of course they tried to down play some of its cool features. For example, when I would mention Google Navigation, yeah big deal, how much does that cost. When I tell them nothing, their jaw slightly drops. It drops completely after I show how it works.

All-in-all, I am very happy with the device.

I will post more once I spend more time with it, browsing the market and find some other cool tricks.

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