Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2.1 coming soon... maybe... we've been down this road before

So ever since I got my DROID two weeks ago, I have been anticipating the 2.1 Android OS update.  I check everyday for any new details.  I kept seeing, "droid 2.1 updating this week".  I would get all excited, but then i see the article was posted February 18th.  I would do more searches, but to only find the same thing with articles with earlier days.  Needless to say, 2.1 has been teased to DROID owners for weeks even months.  WELL... I just read at droidforums.net that 2.1 is heading our way this Thursday.  From reading the writeup on this update, there is no mention of Flash in this update.  Hopefully, that was just a minor leave up and we will be more then happy when we get the update.  There was confirmation that Live Wallpapers will be included but whoopee, I can only imagine that will drain the battery even more.

Other updates include Pinch-and-Zoom, so SUCK IT IPHONE USERS, SUCK IT.  The one thing I am looking forward to is the speech-to-text for all input fields.  This will allow you to say anything you would normally type, so SUCK IT IPHONE USERS, SUCK IT.

IM sure I will be back tomorrow with some sort of post, but if I am not, I will definitely be back to review 2.1.

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