Saturday, March 6, 2010

My 5 day review

So I have had my DROID since Tuesday. Overall, I am very happy with it. Its voice search is fairly accurate. I developed a case of laryngitis this week and the android was still able to figure out what i was trying to say. I can not wait for android 2.1 to come out so that feature is built into to all editable fields. I really like the Android Market. My only 2 grips is that not all apps have screen shots and the search does not use auto-complete for some reason. Another issue with key-entry is the lack of precise cursor positioning. I got used to this on my iPhone and sometimes find my self doing the same hand motions to place the cursor, but it does not work. :-(. I did install a very handy SMS app called Handcent. Its has built in support to allow text-entry via voice. It also has a cool interface and it reminds you of any new text/multimedia messages. The camera on the phone is pretty comparable to other cameras on phones that i have owned. There is nothing special about this one. I rarely use the slide out keyboard. Other then the two wishfull updates (cursor positioning and ability to disable built in apps due to third party apps, I am VERY happy with the DROID). For me to be happy with a smartphone is something you should take very serious when considering this phone.

One of my daily chores at work now is to brag about the DROID to my fellow co-workers who have an iPhone. I pretty much stop their yapping when I say "turn-by-turn navigation for free". That usually makes them stubble and try to find another way to say how their phone is better. The only area the iPhone is better is the placement of the cursor and the ability to copy text with ease. That is something that is pretty difficult to do on this phone.

More to come as time goes on.

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