Monday, March 1, 2010

The wait continues, but meanwhile

As I patiently wait for the delivery of the DROID, I started to look at what accessories I can use to the phone. I found a bundled package on VZW that includes, a car mount, multimedia dock and car charger. At full price, this package would cost $90.00. They where offereing it for $49.99 (19.99 for the car mount, $19.99 for the doc and $9.99 for the car charger).

Doing my research on the multimedia dock, the reviews where average. Some people paid between $30 and $40. The current price is $30. People that were unhappy with the dock said if it cost $15 to $20, they would be happier. Since I got it for $19.99 I think I will be happy.

The cool think about multimedia doc is that is looks nice while charging and syncing my phone.

The car mount is pretty cool too. I am hoping I will be able to take advantage of it more then I think I will. Right now I do not see it much use for it other then when using the maps, but for the price, I could not beat it.

Here is some information on the multimedia doc:
Multimedia Station for DROID by Motorola - Motorola USA

and the car mount:
Car Mount for DROID by Motorola - Motorola USA

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