Monday, March 8, 2010

My Favorite Apps

So now that I have had the droid for almost a whole week, I have made my self familiar with the Android Market. I mostly do not play games on the phone so I have not downloaded any other then Jewels.

I will brief you on some of my favorite apps.

1. Handcent... this is a great to replace the default SMS/MMS service. Some of the nice features are you can speak your text and you can customize your notifications LED activity and be reminded of any messages waiting for you.

2. Google Voice... this is still by invite only but the cool feature about this app is that you can have your voice mails sent to you as an email or text written out.

3. Toddler Lock... not much an app for us adults to enjoy, but if you have a little who likes phones like I do, download this free app. It will lock all your buttons (minus power) and screen press. When ever they press anything, a colorful shape is drawn on the screen and a sound is played. My 20 month old got board pretty quickly, but he didn't want my phone anymore, so that is a plus.

4. Google Navigation... built in software for turn-by-turn directions, but makes my iPhone friends jealous.

5. AndExplorer... simple folder/file browser.

These are just some of my most used apps. There are, and I'M sure will be many more. Although the Android Market is Pluto compared to Apple's App store, I think it will catch up rather quickly. I think Apple will have to change their stance on multiple apps running at once, once Android absorbs a large share of the market. Although, by the time that happens, single-app limitation may be the least of Apple's worries.

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