Monday, March 15, 2010

Some other apps worth checking out

So now that I have had the DROID (lets be real, you can not minimize this device by calling it a phone), for two weeks, I have become more familiar apps and settings. Lately I have discovered a few more apps that I think are worth checking out.

I always thought it was a bit outdated to have an individual "members" card to each store I frequent. Today I found an app that lets me scan and store all the card codes into one app. It's called KeyRing and it does just like I mentioned. It scans the cards barcode (or you can enter the number manually if there is no barcode), when you go to the store, you just select the stores card, and have the cashier scan the phone. The app does warn that you will get better results using an actually hand scanner as opposed to a flatbed scanner.

Another cool app is call SMS Popup. I uninstalled Handcent because it was not auto retrieving MMS messages. I would have to manually "download" the message. Things I missed with Handcent uninstalled, i would not get notified as easily of new messages. This app takes care of that. I can also set up reminders to go off to remind me of my unread messages.

Finally, the app that will make me break even with the cost of the phone, is My Coupons. You can search for online and install coupons and deals for any store. This weekend My wife and I took our son to get new shoes. While she was fitting him, I was searching My Coupons for any current deals. I found a 15% off code that I showed the cashier my phone and he gave me the discount... instantly.

These are just a few cools apps I have found my self constantly using. Im sure there will be more to come. When there are, I will do more reviews.

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