Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home screen lag in Froyo -- My $.02

Since the 2.2 upgrade, we were blessed with the lag time to display the home screen icons, as well as populate the app drawer. Its very frustrating. I have read many people trying different things to correct it. None of which have a lasting effect.

I think I may be on to something though. Most of us probably hit the home screen to get out of an app. I have started to use the back arrow button to get all-the-way out of an app. It looks like a decent work around. My home screen lag seems to still lag a bit but only when I pull it out of the desktop doc.

If this does help others, then it looks like the application stack is the issue. I have no other thoughts then that.

I have posted this in multiple forums. Here are the links to check out other users responses:

Android Forums, DroidForums.NET

Feedback here is also appreciated.

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