Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day One... Sort of

Today I took the first step to being a fan of ANDROID. I ordered the DROID (Motorola) from Verizon Wireless. Although I was not eligible for an upgrade, my wife was. Since we are on a family share plan, we can swap upgrade dates. I currently have the Windows Mobile based, Samsung Omnia. I have had this phone for less then one year. Since the day I activated it, I wanted to throw it out the window. My wife has the LG Voyager and is happy with it so she agreed to swap dates. THANKS ANNIE, I LOVE YOU!

My day started out with a visit to my local VZW store to touch and play with the DROID to see if I liked it. Once I got home I ordered it online since the price break was offered immediately. (in store you pay $299.99 with a $100 mail in rebate, online it was discounted to $199.99 already)

OK so the order is placed, the confirmation email has arrived, the excitement has kicked in. I have scoured the Internet for others peoples issues and fixes to two things I found irritating while playing with it in the store.

1. The default setting to view web pages in landscape only. I found there is a setting to change this.
2. I noticed that some letters where being duplicated while using the onscreen keyboard. I read that many of the resolutions for this was to not use a generic phone charger. I'M sure that's what the case was in the store.

Just before placing this order, and any other for that fact, I looked at my favorite shopping companion site, to see if there where any discount codes I can take advantage of and just before my eyes, FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. YEAH! (although, if I looked on the home page for VZW, I would have seen the same offer), but YEAH free overnight shipping. I should have my phone by 3:00 pm Tuesday.

I can't wait. I already saved off my contacts from my Omnia and imported them to my google account and I am browsing the Android market.

I will keep you posted...

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